About TTU

In 2016, icipe re-launched its Technology Transfer Unit (TTU), which is aligned to the Centre’s Vision and Strategy 2013 – 2020. TTU presents a platform for synchronised, sustainable and visible technology dissemination. The Unit builds on pilot technology dissemination projects by icipe and partners, to scale them out for enhanced impact. TTU also strengthens cross-linkages between icipe, farmers, researchers, donors, enterprises and policymakers, facilitating better processes for providing information and advice, testing and improving technologies, capacity building, innovative project development and business incubation.

The Technology Transfer Unit is being incubated within the Push-Pull Sub-Saharan Africa project, funded by Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development, Switzerland.

Where We Are​

Our presence In Sub Saharan Africa:   Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Senegal  In East Africa:   Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya,

Our Team

Saliou Niassy
Head of Technology Transfer Unit
Vicky Koech
Communication Officer
Girma Hailu
Scientist, Country coordinator Uganda Push-pull technology dissemination
Rachel Owino
Technology Transfer Officer
Berita Mutune
Jimmy Pittchar
Scientist, Project Advisor, Push-Pull for Sub-Saharan Africa
Abdelmutalab Azrag
Abdulllah Mkiga
Isaac Mbeche

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